Tribute and Memorial Gifts 

Making a gift in honor of a person or special occasion is a wonderful way to give something meaningful. A donation in someone's name is a unique way to honor the animal lover in your life who is celebrating a birthday, holiday, or has just touched your life in a meaningful way. Memorial gifts are a special way to remember a friend or family member who has passed.

To view card options, please scroll down and select "Notify via Email" or "Notify via Mail."

For these gifts, you can choose to have us mail or email a personalized card to notify someone of your gift. The amount of your donation will not be disclosed to the recipient. Please select either "Notify via Email" or "Notify via Mail" and enter the email or mailing address of the person to be notified. Email notifications are sent immediately; please allow up to one week for cards to be mailed.

If you have any questions, please call the PAWS Chicago donations at (773) 475-4242.

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