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Natasha Spiegel

Hey everyone,

In November I am going to be running my very first MARATHON!!! I am super lucky to get the opportunity to run in the NY Marathon whilst at the same time raise money for homeless animals, which is a cause that means a lot to me.

Throughout my life I have always faced a constant struggle with weight, so 4 years ago I made a promise to myself that I would run a half marathon every year until I’m unable to run anymore to help motivate me to keep fit and healthy. I have completed 5 half marathons to date and I’m now looking to double this achievement by running in the NY marathon in November! I have chosen to join forces with TEAM PAWS to help raise money and grow awareness for homeless animals. PAWS saves more than 5,800 lives every year and focuses on prevention by providing nearly 18,000 low cost/free di-sexing surgeries in low-income communities across.

I have grown up with such a variety of animals around me, from pigs to horses and cats and geese and dogs to sheep and I simply love them all. Some of you might know as well, that most recently I’ve became a stepmother to Macca an amazing Cairn Terrier whom I love and would hate to think of anything terrible happening to him. This is why PAWS and everything that they do as a charity really stood out to me, animals are so innocent and they need us to help them!

After the marathon, I will go on a howliday to Chicago to visit PAWS and I will share photos of all the animals that have directly benefited from your help!!

Your donation would mean a lot to me even if it’s $1 - every cent counts to help me raise money for TEAM PAWS. The money will go directly to supporting animals in need.

Here are some examples of how the funds you donate will be used to save lives:
$15 covers the cost of a microchip to help reunite lost pets with their families
$25 funds daily laundering of all toys, towels and pet beds
$32 stocks our Kitty City Cat Wing with litter for one day
$35 gives the gift of cleaning supplies for one day
$65 covers the cost of X-rays for an injured dog or cat
$75 provides intravenous fluids for one sick dog or cat for one week
$86 sponsors a spay/neuter surgery to help prevent over pet population
$150 fuels our transport vehicles so we can rescue more animals from the city pound and neighboring shelters
$175 funds medication and care for an upper respiratory for one kitten or puppy
$250 cares for one healthy puppy or kitten from arrival through adoption
$400 funds the treatment of Ringworm
$600 stocks our center with medication
$800 funds the treatment of Heartworm
$1,200 funds critical care to an animal with life-threatening injuries

To learn more about PAWS and their life-saving work, please visit .

Thank you so much for supporting me on my journey to complete my first marathon! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated along the way :)

Lots of love,


raised of $3,000 goal

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Good luck Tash! Amazing effort and a very worthy cause. Wishing you all the best from the team here at IE Digital!
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YEH NATASHA! Such an impawtent cause!
4. Nick Lehrain
Well done Tash, and good luck in the race!
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You go gurl