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Welcome to My Page!

Michelle Wiltz

Hello there, friend!

Hope all is well :) As many of you know, I have had a large involvement in helping rescue animals, like my little munchkins Nana, Sadie and Mimi so what better organization to support than TEAM PAWS while running the TCS New York City Marathon!? The funds that I am raising as a member of TEAM PAWS will directly support the Midwest’s largest No Kill shelter, PAWS Chicago.

These funds are used to help save thousands of homeless pets each year, treating and rehabilitating sick and injured animals and uniting them with loving families. You will be helping save pets like my Nana, Sadie and Mimi!

Also, think of all of those cute puppy videos you spend watching at work on your FB and IG all day!! YOU COULD HELP SAVE THE NEXT PUP IN YOUR NEWSFEED! Here is a video to remind you of what you are saving:

Adorable, right?

The team's goal this year is to save 3,000 lives. Please help me in contributing towards making this goal a reality for the homeless pets at PAWS Chicago. Also, if you company has any matching programs (looking at you Centro peeps!) I would be most appreciative if you could help send a match to get closer to my goal of $3,000!

Thank you for your support!

Michelle, Nana, Sadie and Mimi :)


raised of $3,000 goal

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