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Kristen Preble

Welcome Supporters!

As many of you know, one of my greatest passions in life is animals. For the third year in a row, I am committing to run and fundraise on behalf of PAWS Chicago, the largest no-kill shelter in the city. I do this by joining their running team, TEAM PAWS.

I adopted a second kitty, Rita, and Wellington is thrilled. I have joined TEAM PAWS again, but this year to run a half marathon in July.

In 2016 PAWS Chicago found forever homes for over 5,000 cats and dogs, and saved the lives of many, many more. Through their adoption, foster, spay/neuter, and other community programs that have made a significant impact on the number of animals euthanized in Chicago over the last 20 years - the number has dropped by more than 80%!

The past few years have been inspiring, and fun. Not only have I had the opportunity to run along side other animal runners, volunteer and visit with homeless pets, but thanks to my support network (you!) I've been able to raise a lot of money for PAWS.

The work never stops at PAWS, the animals looking for love and a home never stop coming through the doors, so I'm not stopping either - I hope you'll join me!

I have set my sights on running the Chicago Rock & Roll Half Marathon (13.1 miles!) in July, and my goal is to raise $650. In addition I will run the PAWS Run for Their Lives 5k, and a few other races, proudly wearing my TEAM PAWS gear to bring awareness to their life-saving work in Chicago.

Throughout the year I will also be training with TEAM PAWS, and volunteering at various events to further the mission of the organization.

I would love for you to consider donating to this amazing organization, and to help save the lives innocent of cats and dogs just like mine and yours.

As many of you know giving back is very important to me and I am a part of a few organizations, but this will be my only fundraiser of the year - so this is it team, now's your chance!! :)

If you are feeling extra generous, please consider sharing my page with your network or check with your employer if they will match your donation to make the most out of your generosity.

THANK YOU in advance for your generosity, from me, Wellington, Rita, and all the pets your donations will save.

I was able to reach my initial goal in one week thanks to my amazing support network! I have increased my goal to $1,000 to continue raising funds, as homeless animals never stop coming through the doors of PAWS!

If you're not convinced, watch the video below... Have your kleenex ready!



raised of $1,000 goal

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