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Pets are worth saving.

Alexi Odegard

Alexi Odegard

To say I am an animal lover would be an understatement. If we're being honest, the sheer mention of Marley and Me will have me in tears. There is something about the powerful emotional connection between humans and their pets that is so genuine and pure.

Our pets are much more than creatures we take care of. They are our friends when we are lonely, our shoulder to cry on when we are sad, and our reason to smile when we are stressed. They teach us patience, compassion, generosity and empathy. They give our lives a sense of purpose and order. It comes as no surprise that psychologists have found a drastic correlation between our pets' unconditional love and our mental health. A vast majority of dog owners have indicated that they find it easier to awake in the morning because of their dog, and they feel that their dog makes them an overall better person.

If there's anything we need more of in this world, it is kinder, happier and more empathetic people. This is why it absolutely breaks my heart to hear about the mistreatment, abuse and neglect of dogs and cats in America. Needless to say, my decision to join Team PAWS Chicago for the New York Marathon was a no-brainer.

Like PAWS Chicago, I am extremely passionate about the ethical treatment of animals. PAWS Chicago is the largest "No Kill" animal shelter in the Midwest. Since their inception, the number of euthanized homeless animals in Chicago has dropped by 80%. What I find particularly impactful is seeing exactly how my money can make a difference. For example, $65 covers the cost of an X-Ray for a sick or injured pet, $150 covers the cost of fuel for a transport vehicle to rescue stray animals, and $260 covers the cost to spay or neuter an animal (this is crucial in reducing the amount of animals on the streets!!)

I ran the 2018 Chicago Marathon in partnership with Team PAWS and am thrilled at the opportunity to join this team again at the 2019 New York Marathon. Team PAWS gives inspiration and purpose to my miles (all 26.2 of them!)

If this cause also resonates with you, I encourage you to please donate. Even $15 (the price of a cocktail in San Francisco, let's be real) will cover the cost of microchipping a pet, increasing their odds of finding their home if they were to become lost.

Any contribution, no matter the size, truly means so much to me. Let's help give homeless cats and dogs the ability to find a family to love them.

Thank you ♥♥



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