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Doing it for the Pups!

Zach Zulkowsky

Zach Zulkowsky

There have been many moments in my life of which I look back upon fondly. Few moments though exceed the love and joy brought to my life when my dog Lilah looked up with her sleepy puppy eyes and chose me to be one of her humans. From the accidents and ruined furniture, to the tug-of-war and runs on the lake path, there is nothing I would trade for the joy we bring each other.

While Lilah and I were fortunate enough to cross paths, there are far too few who are not so fortunate. Team PAWS is proudly a no kill shelter, providing love, support, and services to all of our furry friends in need. The level of support they bring does not come without a cost though...enter me.

To do my part so that other Lilahs are able to be placed with their humans, it is with humbling pride that I run the 2019 London Marathon on behalf of Team PAWS Chicago. Getting to $8500 is no easy task, and I will need all of your help and generosity to get there. All donation sizes, both large and small, are humbly welcomed, and as always, are tax deductible.

That said, dig deep, give what you can, and let’s own London for all of our furries in need!



raised of $8,500 goal

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