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Jerry Pasierb

Jerry Pasierb

Greetings! Hope your 2019 is off to a good start.

Well, let me get to the point as to why either I sent you an email or link to this page.......Looking for your help!!!!

For most of you who know me I do this crazy thing for enjoyment and I guess the challenge.....I run marathons. My knees have somewhat held up over the years as I just completed marathon #30 this past September. I think I have at least a couple more in me, one of which is to do the London marathon in April 2019. Why London? Well my goal is to complete the 6 major marathons of the world. I've done Chicago, New York, Boston, and Berlin. The last two; London and Tokyo.

So where does PAWS Chicago factor into this? Well, since I didn't get invited by the London marathon organizers for breaking a world record, the only way that I am able to get in is through a charity.....and now the rest of the story.

I was fortunate and grateful to find this charity called PAWS Chicago.
PAWS Chicago is dedicated to building No Kill communities – where all healthy and treatable pets are saved. Since PAWS Chicago’s founding in 1997, the number of homeless animals euthanized per year has dropped more than 80 percent. Here's another thing that you should know. PAWS Chicago's mission is not only about Chicago. The organization has assisted with the recovery of animals affected by some of our nation's recent natural disasters.

So here is my ask. Please consider supporting me by making a donation and helping PAWS Chicago provide vital medical care, food and shelter to thousands of homeless pets. Your support will build a truly humane and compassionate community, one pet at a time.

Lastly, please consider sharing my page with your network or check with your employer if they will match your donation to make the most out of your generosity.

Thank you very much for your support!




raised of $8,500 goal

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1. Mark Novak
Great Charity and good luck on your run!
2. Jerry Pasierb
3. R W Roca
I .hope this helps. Good luck. Rudy Roca
4. Jerry Pasierb
5. Anonymous
6. Nancy Itzenhuiser
Have fun in London Jerry. Keep on Running!