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Diana Sarda

Diana Sarda

As most individuals, we are animal lovers. I have two pets, Taco (the cat) and Bella (the dog) whom are my family for many years. Taco and Bella were adopted by me and have been loved ever since they stepped foot of my home. They bring me joy, teach me a daily dose patience but most of all, how to be a better version of myself and that means doing what I call back then the crazy.
I am a runner. Ask me ten years ago would I do a marathon? I'll laugh at you, now I stare at my running shoes and my pets and say “Yup, I’m going to do that thing again”. I have ran Chicago marathon last year, completed the Miami Marathon in the beginning of this year and running the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon later for the year.

Chicago has a special place in my heart, I travel frequent throughout the US but no place as my heart like Chicago. My first marathon I ever ran was in Chicago. Although I DNF at mile 23 due to injury, Chicago was the place that taught me nothing is impossible. On the course, is when I first caught sight of what PAWS is all about as they leave an everlasting print on the city as I remember like it was yesterday passing a runner from the team at that time someone said “I adopted my pet from PAWS!”

This is my first marathon overseas---I want to dedicate to a fantastic organization who have made and continuing tremendous impact in the City of the Chicago, PAWS but also an organization who I can appreciate and love as a pet owner:
PAWS Chicago is dedicated to building No Kill communities – starting with a No Kill Chicago – where all healthy and treatable pets are saved. Since PAWS Chicago’s founding in 1997, the number of homeless animals euthanized per year in Chicago has dropped more than 80 percent. In 2016, PAWS Chicago found loving homes for more than 5,100 homeless pets. But there is more work to be done and your generosity is crucial to this effort.
PAWS receives no government funding and relies solely on people like you to help provide continued care for Chicago's homeless animals.

Your help would be fantastic and will be used to continue to make the everlasting impact for the cats and dogs.



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