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Join me as I help Chicago's homeless animals

Caroline Crispino

Caroline Crispino

Hi friends and family,

As many of you know, I signed up to run the 2020 BOA Chicago Marathon as a charity runner with PAWS Chicago. Through a series of unfortunate events including COVID, running injuries like concussions (yes, it's possible, ask me how) and wearing a walking boot for eight weeks, I chose to defer.

I'm here to share that I'm going to run the 2022 BOA Chicago Marathon - healthy!

Thanks to my generous supporters who donated in 2020, I've already hit my fundraising goal. But I love a challenge and I want to see if I can raise $3,000!

I hope you consider supporting me by making a donation and helping PAWS Chicago because PAWS relies solely on donations to make a difference in the lives of animals. Every amount matters to the animals.

If you are feeling extra generous, please consider sharing my page with your network. And, often employers will match your donation to make the most out of your generosity.

Thank you for your support and I'm looking forward to seeing you along the course and throughout this journey.



raised of $3,000 goal

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