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Welcome animal lovers!

Alex Bojanic

Alex Bojanic

While I have been running for years, this is my very first year running the Chicago Marathon on behalf of Paws Chicago! I am super excited and my motivation to join Team Paws is inspired by our little Havanese Loki and a family challenge.

Before Loki we didn’t have any pets. This all started with our battle with my wife’s breast cancer diagnosis. By that time, we were already empty nesters with our son in college and the two of us faced with a challenge. While going through the process and my wife’s personal battle, she had her little wish list if she recovers. And first on the list was to have a puppy to raise and love. And thank God we came to the point where we could make her wish list a reality. We drove 6 hours to get her Havanese puppy. Among the whole litter there was this little guy who came to her, laid next to her and didn’t move while the other puppies were running around. He was it. Now we can’t imagine life without him, along with the other dogs that came into our lives. Our son has a 5-year-old black Lab named Rupp, who is something of a bigger little brother for Loki!

We hope to grow our family one day with another friend for Loki, and this time, we plan to adopt!

Please support me by making a donation to help PAWS Chicago provide essential medical care, food, and shelter to thousands of homeless pets each year. PAWS receives no formal funding and relies solely on people like you and I to help build truly humane and compassionate communities, one pet at a time.

While donating you can also enter your employer’s name so PAWS can check to see if they offer a matching gift program! Please also consider sharing my page with your family and friends!

Thank you for your support
Alex and Zdenka


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