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Matthew Chandler

Matthew Chandler

I want to thank you for considering to donate to an organization that I have been involved with over the past 3 years. I have had the chance to work with hundreds of amazing animals and families alike. Your donation goes a long way in helping to support a mission of matching homeless cats and dogs with deserving homes.

During the typical week, I spend Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Lincoln Park adoption center helping to enrich the lives of dogs and help many of those same dogs find a forever home with a loving family. I am running the 2020 Chicago Marathon to support PAWS Chicago.

PAWS Chicago provides vital medical care, food and shelter to thousands of homeless pets this year. The organization receives no government funding and relies solely on people like you to help provide continued care for Chicago's homeless animals.

If you are feeling generous and know of anyone else who would like to support my fundraising efforts, please consider sharing my page with your network or check with your employer if they will match your donation to make the most out of your generosity.

Thanks for your support,



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