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Robin Mazur

Robin Mazur

I ran my first Chicago Marathon in 2016, in honor of my dad. I liked it so much that I ran it again the following year. In 2018 I was on the sidelines of the race cheering runners on when I got caught up in the moment; I was registered to race 2019 by that evening.

This is my third time running for PAWS Chicago, and I am honored to have the ability to do so. They are an incredible organization, setting a nationwide example of how we can save deserving pups + kitties who have nowhere else to go, and without destroying them. They are a group of amazing, hardworking individuals who selflessly devote their time and energy to sweeties who are on their way to finding their furever families. I am in complete awe of their tireless efforts. They make running a marathon a piece of cake compared to what they tackle in a single day.

I chose to run for this charity in 2016 because I inherited my love + compassion for animals from my dad, who was an incredible human being. He saved many animals throughout his life and supported my mom's efforts as well - I grew up with 5 dogs and couldn't imagine a better childhood. This year, I'm humbled that my sister will also be running with a navy blue PAWS singlet on. If you see us being crazy out on the course, it's just sister stuff...we hope it makes you smile as big as it does us!

Raising funds for this important work is fueling me to do this for a third time. Training has been nowhere near easy or fun up to this point, so it won't be a time-setting race. What it will be is a catalyst for raising money + awareness for a great cause. And that, I am super excited and proud about.

Thanks for reading, and for your support! Go give your pet a big hug! xoxo


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1. Erika Von Borcke
Congrats Robs! Run for all those cute pups!
2. Marisa Mulh
So proud of you! You are going to be amazing! Such an inspiration and all the pups benefiting from your achievement are very lucky too! Love you!
3. Molly McFerran
4. Anonymous
Good luck!
5. Haley Soehn
So, so inspired by you, Robin! You work so hard, and have a huge heart. Cannot wait to cheer you on this weekend!
6. Angela Treimer
You’re awesome! So proud of you! Cheering you on!