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Chicago Marathon 2019!

Allan Enriquez

Allan Enriquez

Friends and Family!

My life has been busy with working, studying, and writing applications, but this October I am running the Chicago Marathon for Team PAWS for the fourth year in a row!

26.2 miles! Imagine running that much! To finish the marathon, I have to train for months and this year has been no different. It is long hours by myself under the sun for a good cause. The funds raised for Team PAWS help provide continued care for Chicago's homeless animals.

As all of you know, my Kedzie is a rescue from Louisiana. He is like my son and he is here because of Team PAWS. Let's rescue other Kedzies!

Any amount donation gets me closer to my goal. Please also share my donation page with others on social media.

Thank you for your support! Gracias!



raised of $1,250 goal

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