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Nazan Cevikce

Nazan Cevikce

Hello ,
I've always loved animals, and always wanted to have a pet. Either parents didn't allow me when I was a child or the apartment buildings I've lived in didn’t allow pets. I had no idea , you can love your pet this much until I had my own. When I walked into that puppy store just to look, my eyes looked into her beautiful ice blue eyes! But I wasn’t sure if I could raise a puppy in my little apartment. Then the Owner of the store said “ just give her a home” and my heart felt why not? In a impulsive 10 minute decision I bought my first puppy, my Pomsky and gave her a warm loving home.

Running to raise money for Paws is personal in many ways. PAWS helps to end animal euthanasia and provide homeless animals a "forever home". Just because these animals are homeless, don’t deserve to die. and with your contribution, you can provide an animal a warm place to live in.

Any amount truly helps. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


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