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Welcome to My Chicago Marathon PAWS Page

Liz Sweeting

Liz Sweeting

Welcome Supporters!

I'm continuing to raise money for PAWS Chicago, now to run the Chicago Marathon, after successfully raising over $8,500 to run the London Marathon!

In April 2017 we adopted my dog, Lucy, from Save A Dog, an animal rescue in Sudbury, MA. Her mother had been rescued from a high-kill city shelter in Indiana while pregnant with Lucy. Save A Dog’s rescue partner in Indiana had begged the shelter not to spay Lucy’s mother while she was full-term. The day after Lucy’s mother arrived in Massachusetts, she gave birth to Lucy and her 5 littermates. Dogs bring so much happiness to people's lives, but rescuing an animal that might have otherwise not lived is truly special.

PAWS is a pioneering institution that works to solve the problem of animal homelessness.

PAWS not only unites pets with new loving families (about 50 a week), they treat each pet as an individual and rehabilitate physical illnesses as well as emotional scars from abandonment and abuse. They have a medical center where they can treat most any illness, as well as a training center. There is a spay/neuter program where they spay/neuter 18,000 pets a year, 70% of which is done at no cost to the owner. Anyone on Medicaid or public assistance can get pets spay/neutered for free. They have spay/neutered 220,000 pets since 1997. Also since that year, the number of homeless animals being euthanized per year locally in Chicago has dropped more than 80%.

Nationwide, PAWS partners with other shelters that are at capacity, even driving to those shelters to pick up other animals. They do national disaster relief, for example during the hurricanes in Houston, to bring animals up north. They take the ones who are ill or injured first because they have a medical center, whereas many shelters don’t.

With PAWS Chicago, you can be assured that your donated money is put to good use: they have received a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator, the watchdog for charities in the US, every year for the last 16 years. 1% of charities ever get this. They are in the top 30 of charities worldwide, not just in the US. This is an indicator of how much of money donated is going directly to their mission. Furthermore, money I raise does not go to help my race or travel expenses, it goes directly to the charity.

What your donation can do:
$15 provides a microchip for one animal
$86 will provide one spay/neuter surgery
$263 funds basic care, vaccinations and spay/neuter for one HEALTHY pet, from arrival through adoption
$662 is the average cost of treating one sick or injured pet, from rescue to adoption
$1200 funds critical care for a pet with life threatening injuries

Thank you so much for your donation!!



raised of $2,000 goal

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