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Welcome Supporters of Middle-Aged Men Running Marathons!

Patric Grimwood

Patric Grimwood

I am proud to join Team PAWS Chicago to raise $10,000, while training for, and Fund Running*, the Berlin Marathon on September 24, 2023! Now that you have found this little corner of the interwebs I sincerely hope you will open your pocketbook and make a donation to this very worthy cause!

Fun fact, while I was going through the process of becoming a Fund Runner*, I received notice that I was granted entry to the Chicago Marathon on October 8, 2023. The astute readers among you will have immediately recognized this is just a 2-week gap between marathons! Because I am, as my wife will confirm, completely bonkers, I have decided to run them both!

This means you, you very generous Run Funder*, have the rare opportunity to get 2 marathons, from one middle aged man, for 1, hopefully substantial, donation. Even better, this once in a lifetime chance comes with no liability for pain, suffering or loss of sanity by the Fund Runner himself! How can you pass up such a fantastic offer?

Seriously, anyone that knows me, knows I am a dog person through and through. My family have had rescue dogs since before I could walk, and I have carried that tradition with me throughout my entire life. My wife Karla and I currently have 3 adopted fur babies and one medical foster sharing Chez Grimwood. If the house was a bit bigger, I suspect we would have even more…

You may be wondering "why PAWS Chicago" since I live in Dallas and not only do not currently live in Chicago but have never lived there. Your curiosity is both understandable and valid. It turns out there are not any Dallas, or even Texas based, animal focused charities involved with the Berlin Marathon so I went with the next closest I could find and that led me to this incredible organization.

There are hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats abandoned, surrendered, born feral or become lost every single year. These animals did not ask for their circumstances, and they are powerless to control them. It is organizations like PAWS Chicago that provide shelter, safety, medical care and when needed behavioral support to help them find their furever homes. PAWS Chicago receives no government funding and relies solely on people like you to help provide continued care for homeless animals.

PAWS Chicago is dedicated to building No Kill communities where all healthy and treatable pets are saved. Since their founding in 1997, the number of homeless animals euthanized per year in their area has dropped more than 80 percent. This fantastic organization has adopted out more than 73,000 pets in that time. In 2021 alone, they provided more than 12,000 surgeries and found loving homes for more than 4,000 homeless pets.

There is an essentially endless need for these services, and I am so proud to be able to do a small part to provide resources to support this fantastic work. Your generosity is crucial to these efforts so please join me in donating to this very worthy cause.

Please consider sharing my page with your network and check with your employer to see if they will match your donation to make the most out of your generosity.

For my Microsoft friends and colleagues, PAWS Chicago is eligible for matching in the GIVE portal. If you do request a match, please mention my name in the "Notes to Charity" section.

Thank you for your support!

* Fund Running: The act of endurance running to raise money for a worthy cause.
* Fund Runner: One who participates in the time-honored pursuit of Fund Running.
* Run Funder: One who donates to the worthy cause for which the Fund Runner is raising funds.


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