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We are Animal Lovers, Advocates, Athletes and Teammates. 

Impact of TEAM PAWS Chicago

TEAM PAWS Chicago is an athletic charity fundraising team benefiting PAWS CHICAGO, the Midwest's largest No Kill animal shelter. With TEAM PAWS Chicago's support, the number of homeless dogs and cats killed annually in Chicago has dropped by more than 91% since PAWS Chicago was founded in 1997.
Join us in our efforts to save every four-legged life in Chicago and beyond. We know how hard you work. Make the blood, sweat, and tears matter.

There is still work to be done. PAWS Chicago is striving to build No Kill communities, starting with Chicago, where pets are no longer destroyed just because they are homeless. Learn more at

More About PAWS Chicago

Click below to be redirected to the following information, videos, and resources:
  • What Your Donation Can Do—See our state-of-the-art facilities that save hundreds of thousands of lives.
  • 2018 By The Numbers—View our stats from 2018.  On this page, you can also find a useful PDF that highlights some of our best work.
  • Our Work—Review the work we do, such as adoption, spay/neuter services, community outreach, and more.
  • How to Help—Learn more about how to donate, volunteer, foster, and more.
  • No Kill Mission—Find out what it means to be No Kill and what our No Kill Model is.
  • About Us—Discover our history, mission, results, leadership, and more on this page.

Check out the PAWS Chicago YouTube Channel for more videos: