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Help Support PAWS Chicago and all the scared babies!

Ellie Feldmann

Ellie Feldmann

Thank you for visiting my PAWS Chicago 5K Walk/Run For Their Lives fundraising page!

PAWS Chicago has been an intergral part of my life and who I have become. Without PAWS, I would never have discovered my love for dogs and my desire to help heal the broken. PAWS brought me my fur babies and my life would not be complete without them. As of July 2022, I have fostered 126 dogs. Some staying for a very short time, others staying many months. Whether it was one day or a lifetime, each one brought a new experience and taught me so much about myself.

PAWS Chicago is out there rescuing the hurt and broken and giving them the love and care they need. I do this walk for the scared, shutdown and broken ones. The ones that are afraid of human touch or their own shadows. The ones that need extra patience and understanding to thrive before finding the perfect home for them.

I hope you join me in supporting this organization that means so much to me.

Thank you for your support!


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