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Hero Hangout

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Gain access into the ultimate VIP experience on event day!  Our Hero Hangout will feature
  • Elite and private event space
  • Catered food and beverages -- see below for listing
  • Adult refreshments (21+) -- see below for listing
  • Raffle prize drawings
  • Participant Treat Bag for the first 500 attendees -- see below for listing
  • Interactive puppy play pen (with adoptable PAWS Chicago dogs)
How do you get in?  There are THREE ways:
1.  Select the "Automatic Hero Hangout" option when registering
2.  Raise $250 or more by May 28
3.  If your team fundraising averages $250 per member by May 28 your ENTIRE team will gain access
4.  Make an online donation at the event for the balance

Every Hero Hangout attendee will receive a special "Treat Bag" with goodies and prizes!  We will announce those here as we secure them. 
  • Dog Bandanas from Chicago Blackhawks
  • Collapsible water bowl with coupon from Companion Animal Hospital
  • Complimentary wine tasting for 2 at Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants
  • Pet food can lid cover from Elly Greenspahn,  Rodan + Fields
  • 12 Oz. Bags of coffee with coupon from Grounds & Hounds Coffee
  • Collector's Handbook from Heritage Auctions
  • Free walk and treats from Let's Walk Chicago
  • Cold/Hot pack from MedVet
  • Fresh Kisses Dental Sticks from Merrick Pet Care
  • Bandanas from Mikes Hard Lemonade
  • Doggy poop bag dispenser with bags from PetPeople
  • Lint Rollers from Prudent Pet Insurance
  • Sunglasses from Sherwood Law Group
  • All natural pet stain remover from Trinova

Attendees will enjoy breakfast and lunch items available ONLY in the Hangout!  We will announce those here as we secure them.
  • Sandwich samples from Jimmy Johns
  • Fresh style chips and dog treats from McCain Foods



Attendees will enjoy the following post walk/run beverages available ONLY in the Hangout!  We will announce those here as we secure them.
  • Jim Beam will be providing their Jim Beam Peach with mixers
  • Bubbly Events will be on hand to help distribute beverages
  • Varied beer from Revolution Brewing