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Registration and Fundraising

What is the registration fee for? Does it count towards my fundraising?
Do I need to register children? What if they are in a stroller and won't be walking?
How do I register my children / family members?
Do I need to pay a registration fee for my dog(s)?
I registered for the event but can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?
What should I do with check / money order donations? How do I get these on my page?
What can I do if a check is written out to me personally?
Can I mail in a cash donation?
A donor is requesting a Tax ID number; what is that and how can I get it?
How do I see who donated to me? What if I still cannot see a donor, how can I get their information to thank them?
One of my friends/family members made a donation to my team instead of me (or vice versa). How can I get this moved?
Why am I receiving emails telling me that I've received a donation?
I applied for a matching gift from my company, when will I see this on my page?
I'm applying for a matching gift and I need PAWS Chicago to verify and/or complete part of the application. How do I do this?
I am doing a Facebook Fundraiser for PAWS Chicago, how come I am not seeing that on my page?

Tips for your pets

May I bring more than one dog?
What type of leash should I bring?
Are dog strollers/wagons allowed?
I run with my dog on a regular basis, may I run with him/her at the PAWS 5K?
May I bring my cat if I keep him/her in a stroller/carrying case?

Website FAQs

Please visit our main event page to download a copy of our Website Guide, which reviews how to register children, setting up your fundraising page, and more features!
What is my personal page URL?
I registered as an individual, but I want to start a team. How do I do this?
I registered myself but now I see that my friend/relative started a team. How do I get moved to that team?
How do I email my team from my page?

Donate FAQs

Where should I mail donation checks?
Who should I make my check out to?
How do I find a participant's personal fundraising webpage?
How quickly can I expect a donation to post to a participant's fundraising account?
Are donations tax-deductible?
For overseas donations made online with a credit card, will the amount entered be in U.S. dollars?
Do all donors who mail their donations receive a receipt? What about those who make their donations online?
What is PAWS Chicago's Tax ID number?

Hero Hangout

How do I get access into the Hero Hangout on event day?
What if I'm waiting on matching gifts / Facebook fundraiser funds that haven't been sent in by May 30? Can I still get into the Hero Hangout?
How will I know if I (and/or my team) earned our Hero Hangout access?
How do I get my Hero Hangout wristband? Can I pick up a wristband for someone else?
Will my Goody Bag be mailed to me if I don't pick it up at the Hero Hangout?
I gained access into the Hero Hangout but the rest of my team members didn't. Can they come in with me?
I understand that I cannot bring in someone who didn't raise the $250, but I will have my baby/young child with me. Can I bring them in with me?
Are dogs allowed in the Hero Hangout?


Are dogs allowed on the run route?
Are strollers / wagons allowed?
Is the event handicapped accessible?
If I am unable to attend the event will my shirt be mailed to me?